We offer you a comprehensive service of notarization, authentication, and verification for translation with up to ten years of experience.  
  ˇ´ Notarization, authentication, and verification  
  Being Proficient in Handling Multiple Business  
  The agency is proficient in handling multiple business regarding document notarization, authentication, and verification. We can dispatch a well-experienced  
  special staff to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local court to manage the following documents. The rapid and reliable consistent operation can save  
  your valuable time and spirit.  
  ˇ´ Major items of various types of certificates  
  Certificate of educational background, testimonial, transcript, certificate of graduation, letter of recommendation, autobiography, certificate of birth,  
household registry, certificate of marriage, single status certificate, certificate of death, affidavit (to single status facts), certificate of military service, police (criminal)  
  record certificate, medical certificate and diagnosis, license, land title/ building object ownership deed, the bankˇ¦s certificate of financial capability, certificate of  
  employment/ certificate of termination of employment, balance sheet, real estate appraisal report, notification & receipt of tax/ tax statement, agreement and  
  memorandum, and, and so forth.  
  ˇ¸ Government-registered translation agency in Taichung Cityˇ¸  
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